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The purpose of this website is to update all of you who are interested with information about the progress of Chiquita’s circumnavigation of the globe. The circumnavigation started back in February 2003 when Chiquita and crew (Ding & Jack)  departed from San Remo, Italy.  We spent the remainder of 2003 calling in at Mallorca, Ibiza, Andalucia, Gibraltar, and Canary Islands before crossing the Atlantic to call in at the Grenadines, St Vincent and St Lucia. In 2004 we called in at Martinique, Guadeloupe, Antigua, St Martin, Saba, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.  The year 2005 found us in Columbia and Panama before sailing through the Panama Canal and heading to the Isla del Coco.  In 2006 visits were made to the Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Henderson Island, Bounty Bay, Mangareva, Marutea Sud, Marquesas Islands, Tuamotus and French Polynesia. The year 2007 was spent sailing around the South Pacific, primarily Tonga and Fiji before closing the year in Opua, New Zealand where I remained for the whole of 2008 and beginning of 2009 before departing for New Caledonia.  The remainder of the year 2009 was spent sailing around Vanuatu. In 2010 I returned briefly to New Zealand before heading off to Fiji where I spent some time before once again returning to New Zealand. After spending the beginning of 2011 in Opua, New Zealand I set off for the Australs, callling in at Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. The year 2012 started of in the Marquesas Islands followed by a long haul to Hawaii in March. Following is an update by Fred (Dings’ onshore manager): Ding left Hawaii in August 2012 destined for the Phoenix Islands, American Samoa or Fiji and then onwards to Opua, New Zealand. Ding spent several months in New Zealand with S/Y Chiquita on the hard having extensive maintenance but has recently returned to Fiji (June 2013).
Welcome to the website for the Sailing Yacht Chiquita and it’s Captain, Graeme Wilding aka Ding.
S/Y Chiquita